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Owens: Legacy of Suburbia Book Cover

Bill Owens: The Legacy of Suburbia – Photographs 1964-2020

Sorrow into Song Cover

Sorrow into Song by Geir and Kate Jordahl

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Finding Peace in a Restless World was conceived to honor the three decades legacy of the PhotoCentral Spring Exhibition. This  book features 90Finding Peace in a Restless World artists celebrating creativity in challenging times. Includes poetry by Marcela Griffin, Kate Jordahl, Bruce Roberts, and Sim Warkov and is edited and designed by Geir and Kate Jordahl.

Order HERE with other recent titles Resonance: Eleven Artists Respond to the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District at Seventy-Five and Hayward Vintage Views: Photographs from the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District Archive. 

Cultures in Transition Book with Medals

Cultures in Transition: Spirit Heart Soul – Oliver Klink

Photographs by Oliver Klink, Foreword by Anne Wilkes Tucker, Afterword by Peter Finke, Intro by Geir Jordahl, Design by Kate Jordahl

PubWest 2018 – Judges’ Choices Award, Gold Award Photography book – nine awards for best photography book of 2019

Book Covergetting to know the map – 40 Years of Photography

Made by Hand Book CoverMade by Hand: Exhibition and Panel Discussion on the Handmade Photographic Print