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Cultures in Transition

Cultures in Transition: Spirit Heart Soul – Oliver Klink

Photographs by Oliver Klink, Foreword by Anne Wilkes Tucker, Afterword by Peter Finke, Intro by Geir Jordahl, Design by Kate Jordahl

PubWest 2018 – Judges’ Choices Award, Gold Award Photography book – eight awards for best photography book of 2019

Altamont to America BookAltamont to America: Bill Owens and the Legacy of Suburbia

Book Covergetting to know the map – 40 Years of Photography

Made by Hand Book CoverMade by Hand: Exhibition and Panel Discussion on the Handmade Photographic Print

2019 Exhibitions:

12/15/18-2/23/19 Oliver Klink: Cultures in Transition (opening reception, 1/26/19 Panel discussion Kid & Art Foundation Visit; Animals of Sulphur Creek 2/23/19,

3/30/19 – 5/11/19 Celebrating HARD at 75! The 2019 Annual Spring Exhibition  in collaboration with the Adobe Art Center

5/12/19 Vintage H.A.R.D. Photos from the 1940s and 1979s

6/8/19-7/13/19 Immigrants are US: Mark Tuschmann

6/22/19 Wild Africa: Presentation by Shem Compion & Mark Overgaard (Pop-up Show and Talk)

7/15/19-9/15/19 Celebrating Wildlife: The Animals of Sulphur Creek

9/28/19 – 11/28/19 Resonance: Eleven Artists Respond to H.A.R.D. at Seventy Five (Jackson Nichols, Glenn Hemanes, Leah Virsik, Vaughn Hutchins, Elin Christopherson, Elizabeth Opalenik, Frederick Watkins, Oliver Klink, Gene Dominique, Geir Jordahl, Kate Jordahl)

September 2019 Artist in Residence: Carolina Furque, Argentinian/Australian Artist

12/6/19 – 1/15/20 Bill Owens and Altamont at 50! And Kevin Wright: Hayward Shoreline: A Love Story