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The Endless Sphere of Time – Photographs by Geir Jordahl

Poetry by Rolf Jacobsen | Roger Greenwald, translations | Kate Jordahl, editor/designer | Essays by Scott Lankford and Ann Jastrab | Additional Translations by Rune Eilertsen | Published by True North Editions

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There are only pictures now – images of moments in the sphere of time that connect to everything. Circles complete the stories we make in our passing. Our world is round. Eyes, earth, sun, moon – all round, all connected. Perception is round. Life – death – rebirth all round. It is in these cycles that I have hope despite the darkness. With the sphere of time and the circle of life, death is overcome briefly in every image I make.

Geir Jordahl

Interview with Geir Jordahl on RFOTOFOLIO

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The book is fully designed and ready for printing. The funds raised are to offset the cost of the printing at Longo SPA, Italy, where we have printed before. Our goal is to print by the end of 2024 with full reward fulfillment by early 2025.

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