Conversation Series

Three Books published with Dreaming Mind

Conversation Series featuring my photographs and published with Dreaming Mind Studio are three books that represent and explore the thriving of the creative spirit through mentorship and collaboration.

• Walking with Kandinsky (inspired by “Concerning the Spiritual in Art” by Wassily Kandinsky)

• Afternoons with Ruth (glimpses into my friendship and creative discussions with photographer Ruth Bernhard) 

• Song Within (inspired by “The Art Spirit” by Robert Henri and the life of Henri.) 

From the creative walk represented by the doors and passageways in Kandinsky to the still lives inspired by Kate’s visits with her friend, photographer Ruth Bernhard, to the cloudscapes symbolizing the nurturing and maturing of the creative voice inspired by Robert Henri’s “Art Spirit,” each book presents the symbolic conversations with these inspiring figures in the arts as well as the intrinsic conversations between Kate and her collaborator Don Drake of Dreaming Mind.  All the books in this series are bound as double-spined triptychs, an unusual structure that allows the content to change gradually. As pages are turned, new elements enter to amplify ideas and encourage re-interpretation.  The viewer interacts with the sequence and can change the final flow of the images. Each book takes the viewer on a visual journey.

Walking with Kandinsky
Photographs by Kate Jordahl/Published with Dreaming Mind

Afternoons with Ruth
Photographs by Kate Jordahl/Published with Dreaming Mind

Song Within
Photographs by Kate Jordahl/Published with Dreaming Mind